Harsh Kapoor tattoos ‘Riya’ and ‘Sonam’ on his back!

On Tuesday, September 4th, 2012


Harsh Kapoor tattooed sister’s names on back.

Hey guys! Do you know who this young lad from B-town is? We hope you not! But, he is well-known in the tinsel town for his khandani background and is no less a reputed figure than his renowned father. In fact, he is the beloved son of ace actor Anil Kapoor and is better recognized as Harsh Kapoor. With an enviable physic, this 21-year-old young lad has of late tattooed his two darling sister’s name ‘Riya’ and ‘Sonam’ on his back in Hindi. He did this only because of the intimate love affair that the three Kapoor siblings bear  amongst each other.

However, he never hesitates to openly pronounce the issue. Only just he was asked by some family members and buddies that what would be his reaction if any of his girlfriends or his would-be wife objects on this act of his, the boy said, “But my sisters are my sisters for life. Why should I shy away from having their names written on me?” Wow! Great thought Harsh! We truly appreciate your endeavor and hope no one ever take resentment on your noble attempt!

Apart from Harsh Kapoor, there are also other celebrities in the B-town who have tattooed the names of their beloved ones on their body. For instance, Saif Ali Khan has written Kareena on his forearm, Sanjay Dutt has tattooed the names of his parents Nargis and Sunil on him and Ajay Devgn is soon going to encompass the names of his children Nysa and Yug on his chest. Great Bollywood tattooing forum!

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