Happy Birthday, Kailash Kher!

On Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Kailash Kher

Happy birthday to Kailash Kher!

This is the 38th birthday of one of the most eminent singers of the B-town Kailash Kher and we suppose he must be busy in preparation for a birthday bash. Born on 7 July 1973, the singer initiated his singing career in the year 2001. Since, he has created a distinct place for him in the heart of thousands of listeners and fas. What’s best we like in the singer is his knack to sing all kinds of songs. Having made him recognized for sufi gana especially, the singer has got a touch of almost all kinds of songs. He possesses the ambiance to do justice to a soft number like Yuh hi chala chal from ‘Swades’ and also the same integrity with a fast-paced hip song like he did in ‘Love Sex Aur Dhoka’.

No matter what the song might be, but the name Kailash Kher attached to it can make it considered as an imminent hit. That’s because of the fondness of his fans for him. You might take the instance of any song starting from ‘Allah ke bande’ of Waisa Bhi Hota Hai to ‘Teri deewani’ of his album Kailasa, every song made us feel the melodious touch. Because of his Sufi feel and folk touch, his voice is so much established in the Bollywood industry. We have been entertained by his rasping baritone for years all together.

He is not just a singer in the B-town right these days, rather has achieved much more. He is honored by the Music directors and filmmakers even. We see not ahead that he is going to be just a vanished hand from the B-town in near future. It’s so because his melodious tunes and heart-touching songs will always make us feel his presence.

In his 38th birthday occasion, we wish him a very happy birthday!

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