Why Hansika Motwani is so Poignant!

On Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012


Hansika Motwani suffered a rubbery in Switzerland.

Indian actress Hansika Motwani’s tour to Switzerland for shooting her upcoming flick Settai proved too catastrophic for her as the actress was being robbed valuables worth 15 lakhs from the shooting spot! Well, the actress has much reason to grieve on the issue, since the robbery included her most favorite things counting pricey gadgets and cosmetics.

However, the babe was left with no way humanly, apart from making a homecoming empty handed though in fact, the local co-ordinator had filed a complaint with the police. But what was her initial work upon her landing at Mumbai was to purchase the valuables that she had lost. Her mom, who was also equally distressed with the matter, told media that Hansika is too upset in real for losing her expensives and the amount lost, is like a nightmare for her.

What reveal the reports; the actress had kept the things as well as some cash in a bag and had left the bag in car, since it was raining hard. The shooting was going on at a little distance and hence she thought the things would remain secure there. But, upon her return she could nowhere found that bag and that made her realize that she has been robbed! Loll! Really sad na?

And what reveals Hansika’s mother, all these happened due to the irresponsibility of the local manager Raja, who couldn’t safeguard their belongings. She even stated that he couldn’t provide them the complain number, though he stresses to have lodged a complaint with the local police. She grieves and says, “We would have managed on our own if it was in India, but we were unsure of the formalities in a foreign country.”

Well, we understand what must be the mental condition of the actress and her mother! After all, 15 lakhs is not a small amount and who would love to let their hard-earned money get squandered in such a way! Of course, we would not!

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