Govinda’s daughter to make her Bollywood debut!

On Thursday, September 20th, 2012


Narmada to make her Bollywood debut!

Bollywood star Govinda is well-known in the industry for his comic and humorous outrights and as a hilarious actor he yet dominates the ground. But as per the recent trend in the industry we scarce see the actor in any of the modern-day projects. However, we have come to hear that he has changed the track and is soon going to produce his own B-town movie. Even, he himself is writing the script of the movie.

But what is of most consideration is that Govinda’s daughter Narmada is going to make her Bollywood debut in this flick of her father. When Narmada was asked that why she was not being accompanied by her father, she made the matter more evident saying that he’s busy writing his script. “It’s his first writing venture, so he’s putting all his efforts into it,” she said.

Casting a dim light upon the story factor of her father’s upcoming project she said, the film is going to be a fabulous comedy solely belonging to her father’s genre.  “It’s going to be a very Govinda brand of cinema. His fans will certainly love it.” When asked if she is going to make her debut with this project of her father, she just smiled and said “Wait and watch.”

Well, though the babe directly said nothing about her act in the movie, but wethinks indirectly she gave a green signal to our queries and we hope the darling daughter of Govinda will elevate his decaying career. Right readers?

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