Friendship budding between SRK and Farah Again

On Monday, April 9th, 2012

farah and shahrukh

The two hits are friends again and they will definitely set the screen fire.

The audience look for a SRK and Farah film soon. But, the recent heat slapping story of SRK and Farah’s hubby had made the audience think that SRK and Farah won’t work again. But surprisingly, the new friendship buzz about Shahrukh Khan and Farha Khan is coming all the way from Bollywood town. Got confused? Well, the story is that Farah is heading to start the most awaiting film ‘Happy New Year’ with Shahrukh Khan in the lead. Guess who will be joining the entertainment package, Yes its John Abraham. This handsome hunk will go parallel with badsha of bollywood.

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A movie that was accountable for two close partners to drift apart and go their own ways has once again rekindled the flame of old friendship and warmth between the two. Initially, Farah had conceived the idea of the movie much before her ‘Tees Maar Khan’ flop at the box office best price viagra without any trace. Farah’s lucky mascot is Shahrukh Khan and she shouldn’t have delayed shooting with SRK. Before the khiladi was getting popular, so she took him to do ‘Tess Mar Khan’ and Farha’s new lucky charm was a total bomb that bombed the

box office.

However, the news is confirmed that finally Shahrukh Khan has nodded his head for Farah’s dream film. The shooting schedule for the film is on way to finalize. SRK was followed by Farha to London schedule for the next film where he is busy in shooting with Katrina Kaif for Yash Chopra’s production.

We had seen John

Abraham and Shahrukh Khan in a Pepsi advertise and now they will be featured in Farah Khan’s next film. We don’t know who will be the heroine in the film or what is the storyline and other details of the film. On the happier note we are going to end by saying that fights always are a canadian propecia rx part of Bollywood industry and we are looking forward for the true fruit that has bonded recently.

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