What Chitrangada thinks is the secret behind her fitness?

On Tuesday, August 21st, 2012


Chitrangada Singh with a more glamorous look!

The B-town actress Chitrangada Singh is getting more and more fit and glamorous day by day. If you see her today, you might wonder how someone can get control over the aging factor so easily, even post maternity! But, she has managed it to do well. In fact, you will find her the ever more glamorous in her upcoming movie ‘Joker’ where she is gonna shake her legs for an item number and simultaneously turns a singer too!

However, the 36-year-old actress winks at the question of her fitness secret. She thinks the task is not as easy as it appears. Ask her what’s her fitness secret and she replies asap, “It doesn’t come easy. There’s lot of hard work that goes behind it. I workout daily for at least an hour and yes I do maintain a diet regime. Although, I ensure not to go on extremes of any of the above — which means no crash diet or too much of work-out.”

Of course she is right because if you wanna stay fit and fine, you have to undergo several exercises with a strict food regime. However, she maintains the same work-out regime even when travelling or shooting   abroad too.  “I’m regular with my kickboxing, that apart, I keep a thigh skipping rope with me when traveling. An eight minutes’ skipping is more than enough to keep the fitness levels perfect. Although, I have not tried yoga till now,” she added.

The actress is having some back to back projects like Sudhir Mishra’s Inkaar and Kapil Sharma’s I, Me Aur Main following the post production of her upcoming flick Joker. While she is much enthralled about her upcoming projects, we hope her engrossing glamour will prove as her trump card to make her feet steadfast in the B-town. Don’t you think so guys

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