Exposed the first look of Preity Zinta’s ‘Ishkq In Paris’

On Saturday, July 7th, 2012


Poster of ‘ishq-in-Paris’ released.

The fact is known to all that the petty girl Preity Zinta has already made a comeback to the industry and is busy these days with the making of her debut production ‘Ishkq In Paris’. Only just revealed the first look of her movie “Ishkq In Paris” and it resembles much to a postcard in look, but with perfect blend of images set in Paris.

The placard is equipped with three backdrops that make you feel the real essence of Paris. One image portrays a man and a woman yawning at the Eiffel Tower in the evening. The other image conveys clinking of glasses at a bar lounge in the early hours of morning. And the next shows their walking out of a library cafe in early morning. From appearance, the duo seems to be the protagonists of the movie. You can have a feel of that sumptuous lifestyle and extravagance from the poster, what the movie is expected to deal with.

The milieu looks archetypal and the protagonists are dressed in a fashionable and formal approach. Though the faces of the couple cannot be seen in the poster, but yet their attire seems to have quite an ideal touch of aptness. The movie is much discussed about in the B-town and is expected to create a huge hullabaloo after hitting the theatres.

Renowned director Prem Soni directs the movie Ishkq In Paris and it features the B-town actor Arjun Rampal with French actress Isabelle Adjani.  It also features a new actor Gaurav Chanana, who is reportedly a television actor and has been rechristened Rhehaan.

Anyways, after seeing the poster of the movie we expect, perhaps the movie is going to meet the standard of ambience that the viewers might have expected from it.

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