Ferrari Ki Sawaari: A movie review

On Monday, June 18th, 2012


Ferrari Ki Sawaari movie review.

The flow of time has savored fabulous variations in the Hindi film industry and the course of experimentation has given way to new story concepts that are really time-honored by people. The point might be a bit typical to grasp upon, but it’s a truth! The incessant trialing of innovative ideas have blessed us with something unlike and that’s why we have started liking them more, than ever before. Yes, we do talk of the most intelligent plots developed and screened by the intelligent innovators in the industry these days.The just released movie Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a live instance of this concept. Plot of the film is chosen by Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra, first-time director Rajesh Mapuskar and writer Rajkumar Hirani, and is prettified well with hilarity and sentiments. But, what most stipulate you in the movie are the cast of superb actors and the touching story of the absolute and utter love between a father and his son, and the attempts the father executes to materialize the dream f his son.

Assurance of excellence and the moving interpretation of desolations of a lower middle class family makes the film promising and the story paints an immaculate sign of the truth. Ferrari Ki Sawaari is based on a school-going boy and his vision to play cricket at the Lords Cricket Ground in London. But he is been prohibited from achieving his destination by definite issues and they are his petulant old grandfather (Deboo) and the Ferrari of Sachin Tendulkar.

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan in FKS.

The movie is centre-acted by two-and-half men namely Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani and Child actor Ritvik Sahore. You will see Boman Irani playing the role of a Parsi. He makes proper justice to his act and Sharman Joshi plays the role of Rustom aka Rusy, who yet again depicts the character of a simpleton and is always ready to swear by all the rules made by the world and the traffic police. Ha ha ha …….really hilarious! Ritwik Sahore plays the role of Kayoz, who is Rusy’s son and a first rate cricketer. But, what about the development of the plot?

Through and through, you will find yourself getting indulged in this sweet slice-of-life-flick, where Sharman and Boman are in all attempts to chase the dreams of Kayoz, but everything further ensuing in utter disappointments. The story reminds you of those casual moments of your early days, whilst you used to listen a tale from your grandma and was staring at her with vulnerable eyes and un-immersed zeal inside. Ferrari Ki Sawaari gives you some such know-how to feel on!


Movie review of Ferrari Ki Sawaari.

Anyways, before the movie got released, it was declared that VVC had planned somewhat special for this movie. But question arises; did he manage well to shape his thought? Of course yes, because this time you get an unsullied and never-heard-before experience in the movie. The two significant fractions (one is the fantastic chemistry between Boman and Sharman and the other is the brand-new story concept) make you gaze upon the screen up to the climax and with a more refreshing touch. Apart, the way FKS takes billet at the inconsiderate trivialities of big cities is intense and really praiseworthy.

Taken as a whole, Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a too decent film with its fortitude in exact accumulation. It’s well-projected and honest to its concept and gets on its business with far-fetched intensity. Evidently, the film has its split of setbacks but that happens with all films, I suppose. Then what to bother for? Isolating the criticism, Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a brilliant effort. It’s an outstanding film that keeps the point in touch and tells a sensitive story in just 2.20 hours. This touching, warm and full of beans movie is truly worth-watching!


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