Farah is not open to intimate scenes!

On Tuesday, August 21st, 2012


Farah Khan is anti-love-making!

The 47-years-old choreographer-turned-actress Farah Khan is much excited about her Bollywood debut movie ‘Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi’ and hence hesitates not to go frantic on the issue. She is well-known in the industry as an ace director and has given many hits for fans. But when matter comes to her acting self acting exposures, she feels bit reluctant on the terms and especially in the love-making scenes.

As a director when she must have directed many intimate scenes, we wonder how she can contradict herself from the same! In a recent interview, an excited Farah told the reporters, “There is no love-making or kissing scenes in ‘ Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi’. There was one kissing scene in the script before I signed the film, but I insisted the director to remove it.” Ohh no! That’s not fair Farah. You shouldn’t distress your fans like this. We think, at least one love-making scene must have been there in the movie. After all, it’s a love-saga yaar!

Anyhow, the actress has at least permitted for one bit-romantic scene, wearing a towel. Don’t get so ecstatic ! It’s not Farah wearing the towel and of course it’s Boman. Hence sshe allowed for this.  “Interestingly, there is one towel scene in the film which Boman had to do. So, I was not worried about it,” she added further.

However, though not have made a single romantic or kissing scene in the movie, yet Farah is much aspirant about its success! She thinks the movie will well touch the nerves of all generations and says, “It is a rom-com film and I cry at the climax. Its light-hearted, but it will surely touch you. It’s the simplicity of this movie that makes it so special for me.”

Now it’s time for your opinion. Honestly tell guys; do you think a love saga, devoid of a single love-making scene can really chill your spine down? We hope no way, What you say?

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