FALTU Actor is in Aamir Khan’s ‘Kashmiri Glasshouse’

On Friday, April 6th, 2012

aamir khan and chandan roy sanyal

Chandan Roy Sanyal is now star in Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s ‘Kashmiri Glasshouse’

Deepak Dwivedi is the new member of Aamir Khan’s territory and he really manages to grab the attention of him like the directors did in past. Amol Gupte for ‘Taare Zameen Par’, Anusha

Rizvi for ‘Peepli Live’, Abhinay Deo for ‘Delhi Belly’ and even his wife Kiran Rao for ‘Dhobi Ghat’ were all for the first time got critically acclaimed. Deepak Dwivedi is not a knowledgeable filmmaker but when he showed his script to Aamir with its exclusive story that showed the friendship between the two neighbors of Agra, a photo-frame shop owner and a sari-shop owner and the story goes well. Mr. Dwivedi suggested few things and Aamir got convinced and got ready to produce the film. The film is all about the tale of two men who crossed the barriers, religion, and culture and named the film as ‘Kashmiri Glasshouse’.

Sources say that the film will go on floor in winters. In the film Chandan Roy Sanyal, the actor of FALTU (directed by Remo D’Souza) and chaotic drug-crazed friend of Shahid Kapoor in Vishal

Bhardwaj’s ‘Kaminey’, will play the lead role . You can remember the guy in dhantan song with Shahid Kapoor…oh! now you got it. He is getting tuitions from Aamir Khan How obtain viagra without prescription to

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present himself in the upcoming film. He has also been asked to grow beard and live like the people of Agra for a while. He is strictly asked to take care of every little detail to enhance his acting and appearance, otherwise he will be out of the film. Gosh! It’s do or die situation for Chandana Roy Sanyal and think of Deepak Dwivedi too.

Both the new

comers in Aamir Khan’s team will do their best

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to prove themselves that they are hired to give a hit. No more details is there

for the film ‘Kashmiri Glasshouse’. Stay connected to us to know more about it.

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