Emraan’s Fit to Fat Journey for Dibakar’s Film

On Saturday, March 31st, 2012

fat Imaran Hasmi
Fit to Fat Imraan

Pouchy Emraan! The serial kisser developed a protruding belly for Dibankar Banerjee’s approaching film where the actor has given brawny look. Dibankar Banerjee is a successful director with films like ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’ ‘Oye

Lucky! Lucky Oye!’ and ‘Love Sex aur Dhokha’. For all these films he has been awarded and now he is all set to do film ‘Shanghai’ with Emraan. Shanghai is a political thriller which is been shot in Maharastra and is based buying generic viagra on the life of Politicians and their gluttony.

However, for the post shooting Emraan was asked to shed his belly fat and return to his original shape within two months of time for his next two films. When Emraan was asked about the feeling of his transition from fat to fit, he said that all because of Dibakar’s film he took the risk of getting fat. He was eventually put on fast food diet for 20 days, prior to the shoot of the film. He was in jannat while overindulging with pastas, pizzas, cakes and ice creams for three months, devoid of exercises. After staying in paradise, he was asked to lose all his precious fats that he had gained cheerfully within two months.

Emraan said that it was very difficult for him to shed and also added that he was given only two months to get back to shape. He worked his a** off to lose that flab. His trainer Pravin Tokas set the whole diet chart and training regime for him. He also said that he xenical alternatives was put on a high protein, low fat and low sugar diet.

Emaraan Said, “My breakfast was egg whites and lunch was salads and grilled or boiled chicken, evening was again egg white and night was a mix of salads and fish. I used to have craving for food in the first week of my weight lose training and after that your body adapts again. I worked out at my house gym for an hour six days a week, sometime once a day and sometime twice a day.  I did a mix of cross section of exercises and cardio.”

It’s very difficult for a human to put on and lose weight in minimum time durations and after effects. Emraan’s immune system got hampered due to rigorous workouts and he got ill so many times. To this problem the actor said, “Doing such extreme stuff is not advisable. I wouldn’t want to oscillate from one extreme to the other that fast because my body will crash. If I have a role where I need to make a paunch again, that will have to wait for a while now.” In addition, he said he will never try 6 packs because he believes that basically fitter body is enough for an actor.

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