Emraan Hasmi: Yet again the Serial Kisser!

On Tuesday, September 4th, 2012


Emraan Hasmi and Esha Gupta smooching in ‘Raaz 3′.

It’s not only so that Emraan Hasmi has been endowed with the laudable tag Serial kisser. Only just, he was poked fun at by the Bengali bombshell for this tag, but devoid of any effect since the Serial kisser has again proved the essence of his tag. Yes, it’s genuine ‘coz Emraan these days is roaming in buzz around the B-town  for his fabulous kiss art in his upcoming flick ‘Raaz 3’.

Reportedly, Emraan has kissed his ‘Jannat 2’ co-star Esha Gupta for about 20 minutes in the movie that is considered as the longest smooch in B-town yet. Now imagine, is he not he the serial kisser in real terms? Yes, he is. And ask Mr. Bhatt what he thinks of Emraan’s smooch scenes and he says, “Emraan’s kissing scene is the icing on the cake that we offer in the film to all his fans. I would call this a marathon kiss.” Ohh! That’s what Mahesh depicts Emraan in authenticity!

However, Esha was also earlier in news for protecting this commendable tag of Emraan after saying that he is the only man to get addressed with the tag though almost all stars smooch in movies these days and it has become a common trend in the B-town too. “Now, almost everyone kisses in a film. We have seen Deepika and Saif, Ranbir and Nargis. Kissing is not such a big deal, but it’s just Emraan, who has got the tag of serial kisser,” she says. Yes, she is too apt in her viewpoint we think. When asked about her co-star, Esha went candid to say that she became an Emraan Hasmi fan after watching his flick ‘Zeher’ and undoubtedly is a good actor. And she also evenly declared that she never felt nervous while kissing Emraan onscreen!

Sigh Esha sigh!  We understand ,your feel. That’s what in Emraan which insisted you to assist him for completing a 20minutes long smooch in ‘Raaz 3’ and how can be Emraan a bad kisser then! We hope you learn something from this newbie Bips, before pointing your finger to-words the sexy boy. Right guys?

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