Ek Tha Tiger: A film Review

On Thursday, August 16th, 2012


Promo Poster of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’.

No more hassles, no more waiting, no more annoyance, just go on feral with your beloved Tiger inside your next-door theater with a fully tiger manifestation. Find it hard to enwrap your conviction? Bother not. Enough is there to make you astound and shudder you with warm sensation running through your nerves and sinew. ‘Coz the Tiger is back with his promise “Maine jo ek baar committment kar di, toh main apni bhi nahi sunta“. He is quite promising once more in his commitment in his recently released movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger’.

What to talk of the hunk who never quits his commitment! He has constantly been in rave reviews for years; having given numerous back to back hits and now has promptly excelled the ahead of time trademark beyond all speculations! Yes, we are absolutely right with this view of ours. One more super duper hit in the form of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ from his end following the remarkable success of ‘Dabangg’, ‘Ready’ and ‘Bodyguard’…..err….one more 100 crores box office hit to enlist to his credit!

Directed by Kabir Khan, the Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer flick is a classy blend of action, thrill, humor and Romance. What makes you biased the most inside the four walls is the elegant sight of the tiger romancing her tigress. From the very beginning of its conceptualization, the movie has been in natters and we make you assured, that the movie seizes all those constituents that will make you beached till the end.


Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in a romantic number in ‘Ek Tha Tiger’.

The romantic thriller revolves around the storyline of a RAW spy codenamed Tiger (Salman Khan), who never hesitates to pursue, knock and slaughter enemies of the country, no matter to where in the world they live in. But, at hand he moves with a most unsafe and accountable task of keeping eye on a certain Trinity College scientist in the UK, who is suspected of selling missile technology secrets to Pakistan.

However, Tiger finds it bit difficult to get close to this reticent scientist and hence opts for a sporadic way to get close to him. This time, he cavorts around the gorgeous housekeeper of the scientist, Zoya (Katrina Kaif) who might help him to attain his destination. Though on track with a poles-apart rationale, but Tiger finally falls in love with her and there embarks on the real twist. Then what will happen next? Will Tiger become successful in his mission? Will Joya prove disloyal to her master? What will be the next endeavor of Tiger on this accord? Visit today to your nearest theater  to get answer to these unsolved mysteries.

When we do prance for star performances, nothing is there to verdict about the acting talent of the Bachelor Khan. He is absolutely fit to the temperament in the movie and what impressed us the most in the movie is his rough Tiger-some outlook along with his raw, edgy character that is truly worth-praising. And Kat is pretty exquisite as Zoya and she manages well to carry away her full-of-life and touching scenes efficiently. Though Ranvir Shorey do not share much screen space as Tiger’s buddy Gopi, yet he is brilliant in his part. Girish Karnad too performs well as Shenoy, the boss of Tiger.


Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in a stunt sequence.

The very beginning of the movie makes you astound with some really frantic action sequences and makes you introduced with the Tiger (Salman Khan). The vigorous ingress of Salman into the movie makes you of course say ‘WOW’! The movie is filled with some really exotic feel and action sequences that seem quite down-to-earth with a sense of larger-than-life heroism. Besides, Salman’s specially arranged shirt ripping scene will make you go crazy with his shape double. Rally awesome! Katrina as the love interest of Salman is absolutely fantastic. No words to judge her. She is beyond all explanations. What only we can say is that you will see her fully compiling the assets to be the bona-fide Tigress of the Tiger.

Turning to the directorial venture, we shall say that Kabir Khan is quite able-bodied in his directorial skills and has managed excellent to make his Tiger to a more superhero than a spy. Though at times, the movie might seem long for you, but the action sequences will keep you intact to your curiosity to go for the next. Apart, the background score by Julius Packiam is okey. Songs composed by Sohail Sen and Sajid-Wajid are really rhythmical and nice to the ears. Aseem Mishra’s cinematography is awfully pleasant. Visual effects are also nice, but in intervals they seem uneven.

Taking a final verdict, we can conclude that the movie is a fultu masti masala entertainer for all inside the theater and not a single moment you will get dismayed for investing your time on it. In chorus, the movie passes the sense that “Everything is fair in love and war”. Do not you realize it? Watch the movie first and then let’s know.


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