Dillip Kumar Undergoes the Malice of Weather!

On Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

dilip kumar

Dilip Kumar is affected by mild health disorders.

The last few months in Bollywood have proved too fatal for the industry as many B-town superstars have bade good bye to this world for ever during this course of time. And it’s really too pessimistic to experience anything more hazardous for the industry! But there is saying know, ‘Time is the most powerful factor in this material world’ and hence everyone here has to face the brutality of time.

No one can escape from the brutal clutch of time and something such is experienced at hand by the other B-town legend Dillip Kumar, who right now experiences the malice of weather. The words might seem bit absurd to you! But to let you be clearer, Dillip Kumar is now suffering from some mild fever due to the weather change.

This info was updated by Dillipji himself, who just before took to his twitter page and wrote, “I have been having mild fever since a couple of days thanks to the change in the weather. My doctors are not ready to let me go out lest my fever rises.” Hmm! This is what we wanted to explain you that one more legend has undergone the clause of time.

Well, the industry is under terrific shock being laden with the sad demise of the great Shiv Sena legend Bal Thackeray who closed his eyes for ever just before a couple of days. And the 90 year old actor, who is a close friend of the Shiv Sena supremo, hardly can accept the death of Thackeray saheb. And that’s the cause; he has decided not to celebrate his 90th birthday that’s going to be held on 11th December.

Apart, legendary B-town director Yash Chopra’s death has also affected Dillipji both physically and mentally. And that might be a cause of his health disorder. After all, he was a man too dear to him. Whatever might be the cause, but it’s important that the actor must recover soon and we wish him a speedy recovery.

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