‘I avoided the cameras as far as possible,’ says Dharmendra

On Friday, June 29th, 2012


Dharmendra and Hema Malini

Everyone was in bewilderment why the dear father was nowhere to be seen in his beloved daughter Esha Deol’s sangeet and mehendi! But, no one properly marked that he was there, but away from the camera. Yes, we do talk of the living legend Dharmendra who was droned to be ill and hence unable to attend her daughter’s happy occasions. But the buzz is overawed by Dharmendra himself confining that he was present in both the occasions!

“I was very much there. But I avoided the cameras as far as possible. It was an evening meant for the kids. I decided to take a backseat,” said Dharmendra and blackened him Hema Malini his wife, saying, “Dharam was there. But he stayed away from the cameras.”

A source closer to the family also confirmed the fact saying, “Dharmendra was there. But he came and went very quietly. And he stayed for a short while only. He looked fine. When Esha requested for pictures with her fiance Bharat, he affectionately begged off.”

When asked about the US trip, Dharmendra said in a laughing manner, “Whenever any known person is out of the country for a longish time, it is presumed it’s for health reasons. But I was in the US to visit my daughter and my brother’s daughter. They’re both married and settled there. My visit was long overdue. I decided to make the trip before Esha’s wedding.”

Intimidating the buzz that he said, “I’m absolutely fit and fine. I have my fans’ good wishes to make sure that I stay out of harm’s way. As for these rumours about my health, it is a trend nowadays for actors to be declared unwell. I’ve no health issues. I can’t afford them. I’ve a daughter’s marriage coming up.”

Being a bit emotional about his much-loved daughter Esha, he said, “June 29 is very important for me. I’ve seen my other daughters married and settled down. And now it’s Esha. She’s very precious to me. Esha and Bharat make a very handsome couple. I want to see them happily married forever. Bharat is a very good boy.”

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