Dhak Dhak Girl’s Next Generation Idea: It’s Bit Rude

On Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit drives her 27-year-old secretary out to appoint a new one!

When someone takes the name of Madhuri Dixit, pictures of some extra ordinary dance steps, some ever green act-pact and above all, her million dollar smile comes into our mind. But after going through this article, you will say that she is just a very good actor, but as a person she is yet to be rectified. Though, the actress still now maintains her sweet girl image among the Indian audience, but now we gonna show you a different avatar of the Dhak Dhak girl.

As per the reports, Madhuri has recently ousted her 27-years-long secretary Rikku Rakeshnath. What reveals the source, Reshma Shetty has been given the opportunity to grab the position instead of him. Rikku, being the secretary of Madhuri for 27 years, has witnessed many remarkable moments of Madhuri. He is well known for his dedication towards the actress. And what they say, he was always giveing more importance to Madhuri’s interests than his family.

Then, you must be confused why Madhuri threw her away! In fact, the actress has become bit modernized post her visit to the US and now she wants to do everything in a more professional way. And she wants not anything to hamper her second innings in Bollywood. Rather, she has started showing interest in production and fashion along with acting.

And because she can’t make compromise with her brand image, hence she appointed Reshma Shetty, who is the only reason for the conflict between Rikku and Madhuri. Madhuri thinks Rikku is still very old fashioned and to make him updated, wants him to work under Reshma.

But, is it possible for someone to work under a fresher after having long 27-years-of work experience? We hope, not possible. And that’s what happened in the case of Rikku. Forcibly, he decided to look for something else. After all, it’s a matter of his self-respect, know!

But, here we would like to say that it’s always good to be updated. But Madhuri madam, you must have been bit subtle on the issue. Nevertheless, he was so loyal to you. And making a senior, faithful staff ousted never brings a positive image towards anyone. We know not what’s exactly wrong between you two. But, one thing we know, that surely some misunderstanding has been created between the two. Don’t you think so guys?

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