Department: A Review on Music

On Tuesday, May 15th, 2012


Sanjaya Dutt and Big B in a song of Department.

Ram Gopal Verma’s most anticipated upcoming next ‘Department’ is based on a thriller concept and is dedicated to the police department. The film is shot in a pragmatic approach and hence music in the story is composed with a more apposite shape to give the movie a more realistic viewpoint. Music of the film seems to be a bona-fide feed back to replicate the genuine lingerie concealed beyond the story factor.

Five songs, four musicians, and three lyricists have generated paramount soundtrack for the director to boast of powerful music. The music is harmonious enough to make you astound and its combination with the dance platforms is awesome.

Dan dan Cheeni is the first song in the playlist and is a re-mixed Hindi version of the Tamil song ‘Asai Nooru’. The song is intoned by Paroma, Ravi and Sandeep Patil. It is composed by Dharam-Sandeep and is scripted by Vayu. The song is fully amazing with its shriek sounds and startling chorale and is by and large a fantastic item number. The Indo-Brazilian model-turned-actor Nathalia Kaur is the trump card in the song, who creates sizzling sensation among the onlookers with her dirty moves and turns this song to an instant blockbuster.  The sexy doll with her batty approach even seems to put Muni and Sheila down and make Cheeni the lead!


Nathalia Kaur in Department.

The very next song is Kammo, a composition by Bappa, son of Bapi Da, who has left a vivid touch of his father’s live up in the song. The special appearance of Sudesh Bhosle makes the song a show stealer and Mika’s Punjabi touch makes it a must dance with the rhythm for the spectators.

Third is the theme song of Department Ek do teen char which is one of the best and experimented works of art that Bollywood has created in recent times. The song takes the impression of a muck rock number with potent beats and drums but absolutely moulds itself in the middle and you are met with intense dub steps that just take you aback! Composed by Dharam-Sandeep duo and written by Vayu, the song is an excellent poise amid tough sounds and Sandeep Patil’s vaguely restrained voice.

Bad Boys somehow sounds like Akon’s Chammak Challo number having beats of equal kind. Though Ritu Patnaik and Earl have tried their best to make it feel somehow different, but neither Vikram Nagi’s music nor Sandip Singh’s lyrics have done any miracle! The song is followed by lots of helicopter and siren sounds along with gun shots and explosions. Ritu and Earl have drone lively all through the song and have verve it up with their husky tones.


Nathalia Kaur in the song ‘Dan dan Cheeni’ of movie Department

The last but not the least is the song Mumbai Police, a rap number in which we find our Sanju Baba urf Sanjay Dutt delivering dialogs like a tapori and Farhad Bhiwandiwala backing it up with his voice. Sanju Baba has done proper justice to this song with his voice and the Sanju – Farhad duo will of course add to the verdure of the song. Bappa has composed again a subtle track in the form of this song and lyrics by Sabir Ahmed make the song stand apart.

On the whole, the conclusion stands out that Department is not meant for the romantic song lovers rather suits the listeners the best who die to listen rock and vigorous music. And the two respective sound tracks ‘Dan dan Cheeni’ and ‘Kammo’ are best preferable for night club lovers and those who just love to rock. Still the tunes are incapable to meet your starve for music and your heart might hum “Ye Dil Mange More”!

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