Bipahsa thinks death of Superstars only makes us recollect them!

On Saturday, August 25th, 2012


Bipasha Basu gets sarcastic in thought!

Com’ friends! Tell us what you think of such remark of the Bengali Bombshell Bipasha Basu that the leading superstars in our country are faded out of everyone’s memory after a point of time and only their death make us recollect them. She also thinks that nothing remains consistent in an actor’s life and that’s what they have great reason to mourn. Do you think she is right in her prediction? Might be!

The B-town sexy gal who goes through certain downfalls in her career right these days after her separation from her ex John Abraham, seems to have gone sarcastic! In a recent telephonic interview, she told to INS, “An actor’s life is very sad. The biggest of superstars in our country fade away after some time and are remembered only when they die. But what to do? It is very vulnerable, very sad, but that is the way it is. Nothing is permanent in their life.”

While we wondered a lot to discover what in fact forced the poor gal to give such baseless statement, we couldn’t too help thinking if the statement is not anyway related to her upcoming three starrer horror flick ‘Raaz 3’! There is nothing to wonder in such thought of ours, because the actress is constantly going through career setbacks as we have told you earlier.

However, the 33-year-old actress befell more ironic on the issue telling “Once you achieve success, you just want to work, you don’t want to be forgotten. It is an emotion that every actor worldwide, male or female, goes through.”  What you deduce from this? Is not her avowal linked to her career and don’t you feel that the actress is somehow bewailing on her current status in the B-town?

Well, as going through some ruthless hold ups in career, the babe must have great expectations from her upcoming flick ‘Raaz 3’ and we wish the flick to bring her lost accolades back, so that she might compensate her ruffle thoughts! Don’t you think the same too guys?

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