Death knocks on John Abraham’s life gate!

On Thursday, September 27th, 2012


John Abraham escapes death narrowly!

You can never imagine that consequence of shooting an action scene can be so dangerous! We too got shocked seeing the dreadful consequence of shooting an action scene at the sets of Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout At Wadala at Haffkine Institute. As reveal the sources, Bollywood actor John Abraham by chance escaped sure sort death while shooting an action scene for Gupta’s upcoming flick there.

As per the reports, the incident took place while John was busy shooting the scene with Anil Kapoor, who is playing the role of a cop in the movie. As per the scene requirement, Anil had to shoot John a blank bullet (minus metallic lead) from at least a 15 feet distance and when Anil fired, the bullet burst into flames hitting John 10 times more fiercely than expected. It was the bad aim of Anil that let John survive that day. Else, God knows what would have happened!

Though as per the demand of the scene, Anil had to fire John at the middle of his neck, but due to his bad aim he shot John on the left side and that only assisted the actor escape death narrowly. The incident created panic all around and Mr. Gupta screamed demanding an instant clarification for the miscalculation of distance, says a source. Instantly a doctor was called to attend him and now he is under treatment.

When contacted, the director was found absolutely speechless while Anil only ended saying “John was very fortunate and sporting”. But John seemed much optimistic and said, “It would have been all over for me on September 23. I still can’t believe that I am alive.”

However, John carries out his day-to-day activities still, though having severe wound on his collar bone and he simply wants to forget that ill-fated incident. He also wants not to blame anyone for the incident. He only finishes saying “Everything happened in the heat of the moment.”

Well, we wish the sporty actor an early recovery on behalf of our entire Daily Bolly team!

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