Celina Jaitly makes a homecoming with her babies for the first time.

On Friday, July 6th, 2012


Celina comes home with her babies for the first time.

The gorgeous Bollywood actress Celina Jaitly has already made a homecoming with her hotelier hubby Peter Haag and twins Winston and Viraaj. They are in town now and this is the first time visit if the three months old twins to India. Apparently, the two babies have come up with some special resemblance in appearance with their parents. While Winston has Celina’s grey eyes, Viraj is having hazel eyes like his father Peter.

Previously, the couple had also come to India the last month, but couldn’t bring their children due to some Visa troubles of the babies. But, this time they have come up with their twins and are quite happy about this. Says an inner source, “Though, the two came to India last month, they couldn’t get the visas of their babies on time so last week they had to go to Dubai back again to bring back the babies. The couple also went to Mhow in Madhya Pradesh to visit Celina’s parents who are based there. They’re currently in Mumbai but Celina and Winston have caught a cold.”

Celina is in Mumbai after long eight months for an ad shoot. She is pretty glad with this homecoming and says, “It’s great to be back in town with my babies for the first time. And to think that I’m facing the camera three months after the delivery!”

Fabulous! Celina has before acted in many movies and ads and has made a special place for her in the heart of her fans. There are lots of fans of her in Indian and they must be eagerly waiting for the actress to make a comeback to the industry. We think, this ad shoot might be an initial step of Celina to get fit into her shoe again! What you think friend?

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