Can Raveeana Tandon replace Vidya Balan in her sensual act?

On Friday, September 14th, 2012


Raveena Tondon to play a bitchy socialite columnist in her next flick!

It’s not necessary to let you know, how dare-bare act did Vidya Balan play in her most successful movie of the year ‘The Dirty Picture’. But do you think that actress Raveena Tandon can play a sensual role like Vidya? Answer might be anything, but you will be surprised to know that Raveena herself denies the idea. Talking to reporters in a recent interview, she simply said that she don’t have the guts that she can do a daring job like her. “Vidya did a daring job and I don’t have the guts to do a role like that,” she said.

In fact, Raveena is soon going play a character based role i.e. of a 40-year-old bitchy socialite columnist in her upcoming movie, ‘Shobana 7 Nights’. The film is based on the story factor of how the upper classes socialites in Mumbai lift up toy boys and hunks from coffee shops to satisfy their sexual craves. Raveena even shares her own know-how in the issue.

“I was shocked when director Sudipto Chattopadhay told me that something like this exists. We have seen and heard this in films, but I was shocked to see it when Sudipto asked me to accompany him to a coffee shop. I wore a burkha to conceal my identity,” she said.

Talking about her inspiration to play this role, she bestows the credit on Shobhaa De who is a novelist and an extremely glamorous person. Being the topic a very sensitive one, the actress denies saying anything on the subject. But she forgets not to mention the expected reason of such immoral works. “The reason can be anything — a failed marriage, bored housewives or anything,” she says.

Well, we have already seen Raveena in many bold roles before, but not like in one she is going to play in her next But eyeing her acting skills we expect something extraordinary from her, at least as per the script. What say guys?

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