Bulk gifts for Randeep Hooda from an Ardent Fan!

On Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

randeep hooda

Randeep Hooda gets bulk gift from a dead-end fan.

Being a star in Bollywood has its own privileges and often the B-town celebs are blessed with the same. You can say, the privileges somehow are absolutely different from that of all other earthly affinities. Anyhow, B-town emerging star Randeep Hooda must have understood this truth recently, as the biggie is been endowed with some bulk gifts from one of his ardent fans recently.

Up to a gift or two, it’s ok. But nothing to wonder, if you wonder, bulk gifts! Yes, you are right. Bulk gifts and you know what? A collection of 50 paintings depicting the actor in varied moods and hues! Hmm! That’s great. Must have been a too pleasant surprise for the brawny man of Bollywood.

What reveal the sources, name of this dead-end fan of Randeepis Latifa, who by profession is an artiste. Reporting about the whole set of paintings, a close friend of Hooda revealed, “The artiste has captured Randeep Hooda in various moods and hues on the canvas right from his earlier film ‘D’ to the latest ‘Heroine’. She has gone into a lot of detailing and has chosen the best pictures to be painted on the canvas.” He has even uploaded them in youtube for Randeep’s fans to see.

 Over all you can say that she has particularly marked each and every parcel of Randeep’s appearance in every flick, from the very beginning of his B-town career. Then just imagine, what would have been the response of Randeep after getting such exclusive gifts. Reportedly, the actor went so bequeathed after receiving the gifts that he thanked the fan instantly saying, “I have seen all the paintings and they are simply wonderful. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift”. 

Well! This is what reveals the popularity of the tall, stout, yet romantic man of Bollywood. And you can better conjecture about his imminent career stairs, we have to say nothing. Right guys?

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