Which Industry gives Sunny more money; Porn or Bollywood?

On Monday, August 27th, 2012


Sunny Leon is paid more money in Bollywood than porn industry!

You might get confused with such question of ours and even might wonder, how the Porn industry is comparable with Bollywood! But yes, it’s comparable from one viewpoint and she is the sizzling hot Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leon who has recently kept her baby steps in Bollywood with Pooja Bhatt’s ‘Jism 2’. While she is in a process to shoot her very next B-town venture ‘Ragini MMS 2’, we could hardly help us wonder yet, what makes the babe so much interested for the B-town that she even hesitates not to less prioritize the billion dollar porn industry! It seems, now we have been answered.

In fact, the babe affirmed in a most recent interview that Bollywood is more rewarding than the porn industry and that she is quite happy with the amount she is been offered her. With this she brought an end to all speculations that a porn star factually earns a huge amount in comparison to the other stars. It’s ages since Sunny is attached to the porn industry and her venture as a Bollywood star is brand new. Yet the way she emphasized the B-town industry, really made us wonder perhaps she is right in her views. Rather, she confessed that she is quite happy with Bollywood being her hard work is paid perfectly paid.

Besides, the sexy siren even started explaining how the B-town industry keeps some resemblance with the porn industry. As she explained, her husband aka her manager always hire porn stars who know how to give proper expressions onscreen and something such is also done in Bollywood. Isn’t it that Bollywood resembles the porn industry? So, what you learnt from this guys? Don’t you feel that the sexy lass has become potentially vast to judge asap! When she had made it clear before that she is going stay in India for one full year, now it’s to be seen how many years she is going to spend here.

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