What made Bipasha walk out of Sanjay Gupta’s ‘Shootout at Wadala’!

On Tuesday, August 28th, 2012


Bipasha Basu doesn’t want to work with her ex John Abraham!

Whilst, the Bengali bombshell Bipasha was pretty eloquent to do a mujra in Sanjay Gupta’s forthcoming flick ‘Shootout at Wadala,’ recently we heard something reverse happened. Reportedly, the babe thought it apt to walk out of the film!  But why? In fact, we couldn’t initially grab the idea that what made her take such decision when she was well aware of the script and was also informed that her ex, John Abraham plays a prominent character in the movie. Soon, we dived into the depth of the matter and what we deduced was something like this!

Actually, the sexy lass had nodded her head to do only a dance number in the cop-thriller, but she had no idea that she had to do a couple of scenes even and against whom? Against her ex John! Oh poor girl! She had never any idea of the same. Hence, she thought it wise to walk out of the project instead of facing her estranged boyfriend. And guess what we hear at present! If the makers are trying to replace Priyaka Chopra with Bipasha.

But, we don’t have any idea if Piggy Chops can really provide some time to the makers from her jam-packed daily schedule. Recently, she is busy with her upcoming three starrer flick ‘Barfi’ and soon will get busy with its promotional activities. Then to get some time for SAW will really be a typical task on her part  and what the sources reveal, she will for sure demand a bulky figure if decides to give some time for the movie.

However, this is what we have got informed from the sources about Chopra’s upcoming flick, but yet not sure if really Priyanka will be roped in the movie. But soon everything will get divulged. Hence, keep in touch to know the later developments on the issue!

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