Bipasha personifies her statement about men

On Tuesday, July 17th, 2012


Bipasha gives his views on men a new shape.

The recent hubbub in between the Bengali bombshell and the controversy queen has taken a different shape. We hope you can better understand whom we do talk about! Yes, you’r right. We talk about the two B-town hot babes, Bipasha Basu and Poonam Pandey. Just before we made you aware, how Bips became the latest subject of Poonam to prank upon and now Bips has handled the matter vigilantly.

As, all knows that it’s much difficult to dredge up an argument with the controversy babe, hence Bipasha thought it intelligent to give her views a different twist. Reacting on the lash out of Poonam to her comments that all men are losers, Bips twitted, “This is for all men! I love men! I have max number of male friends! It’s sad that I have to justify this! It was not a generalised statement!”

We know not exactly whom she has personified through such exotic words of her. But one thing is obvious that she wants not to give way to an unnecessary controversy with Poonam. It’s true that she has personified her statement on this issue, but yet not known for whom! But what we guess, she has handled the issue intelligently and has made retort from a sure sort controversy.

The hubbub took shape couple of days before, when Bips named all men losers in an interview and Poonam sprang upon her, advocating on behalf of all men and twitted “Just cause you chose all the losers in your life, doesn’t mean all men are lukhas.”

That reveals, who amongst the two love men the most!

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