Why Bipasha Basu laughed at the Serial Kisser?

On Saturday, August 25th, 2012


Bipasha Basu and Emraan Hasmi in ‘Raaz 3′.

It might seem ridiculous if we say, the Bengali bombshell Bipasha Basu laughed at the serial kisser Emraan Hasmi! But, it’s a matter to be in awe that what made the hot B-town babe behave so! Is there anything wrong in between the two? Might not be, ‘coz of late we had seen the duo roped in opposite leads in the forthcoming project of the Bhatts, ‘Raaz 3’! Then what made the Bong girl laugh at Emraan?

Though the matter seems bit perpendicular, yet we verdict that perhaps she is not happy acting with the Serial Kisser. Apart, we had seen her before denying to get roped against Emraan owing the grounds that he would seem a teenager with her. But what the recent reports convey the babe laughed not at the age factor of Emraan, rather on his serial kisser tag. What the hell! How can she do so? That means is Hasmi not so good a kisser? Then is there no value of this tag?

In fact, we can’t land on a conclusion. ‘Coz some same sort of remark was also given by the sexy siren Mallika Sherawat before.  She told in an interview that she would rather like to kiss a snake than to smooch Hashmi! Oh, poor fellow! What to say of him? We think, these most hot babes of B-town like not the kiss mania of Emraan and that’s what makes them give such remarks. By the way, how you liked their smooching approach Emraan? And what we know, perhaps this is the sexy lass Mallika who offered you the sole coherence to achieve the ‘serial kisser’ tag. Then how could she say so?

Aren’t we right dear readers? Just have a look on the Emraan Hasmi and Mallika Sherawat starrer movie ‘Murder’ and you will know why we say so. What we assume, the Bong gal wouldn’t have said so about Hasmi. After all, he has given much effort to reach this level and rather what Emraan’s fans would think about him after such remark by the sexy lass? Do you have any answer guys?

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