Big B plans to tabularize the ‘Coolie’ episode!

On Wednesday, August 1st, 2012


Amitabh Bachchan all set to tabulate the ‘Coolie’ incident.

It’s three decades since the mega star met with a lethal mishap while shooting the 1982 film ‘Coolie’ and now Big B expresses his desire to tabularize the particulars of the accident. But yet he has not made it clear, if he is going to publish it on a book or in his blog.

Ensuring the issue, Big B wrote on his blog, “It is strange that the issue of the accident has come up. Tomorrow is the 1st of August and the day after shall be the 2nd of August – my second birthday! There has been so much detail and talk for this day, that it would be unethical almost to speak about it now.”

“But I had once promised to give those details in the days to come and I shall. Though I may warn you that they are not all pleasant to read, or even describe,” added the 69-years-old further.

The incident had taken place on 26th July 1982 in Amitabh’s life, when he was shooting a fight sequence with co-star Puneet Issar. The edge of a table struck his abdomen cracking his splenic. The accident caused Big B undergo a death struggle and he remained critically ill for several months. It was such a mishap that he yet wants to caricature for his fans.

Expressing his feelings on this tabulation, he posted, “I talk too much of myself today. This is unlike me. I feel though, prompted by several others, that it was time for my experiences to be tabulated.”

However, Big B feels the constant use of ‘I’ is much irritating on the autobiographical attempts and hence added, “Autobiographical attempts have always drawn me away from the process. It’s the constant use of the ‘I’ that is disturbing. Raj Thackeray and me, once during a conversation at my house, agreed on this…Anyway.”

Now, fervently we wait on head to get an absolute touch of Mr. Big B’s autobiography…err.. tabulation!But how would you react on the issue?

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