Bandbook: An ardent blend of Kalidasa and Bhasa

On Friday, July 27th, 2012


Bandbook, a movie by Aditya Om.

Real life incidents have become a major source of movie production these days and hence, most of the filmmakers today prefer to implement this idea into their movies. These movies not only get well-accepted by the audience, but they get huge acclaim in the industry and recently we came to know that the two Sanskrit literatures Kalidasa and Bhasa have inspired actor-director Aditya Om to merge the script of his high voltage drama Bandook.  

Aditya said, he got much inspired by the visual imagery of the two books and hence took shape his upcoming movie. Talking about the milieu of his movie, he said, “The visual imagery of their work, the depth of their character sketches and the intriguing twists and turns in the plot of their plays guided the screenplay of Bandook. Kalidasa’s play Malvikagnimitra and Bhasa’s Karna Bhara (about Karna’s plight in the war of Mahabharata) were adapted to the criminal-political backdrop of North India for this film.”

Om thinks, the Indian literature is rich enough to touch the heart of the audience with its sole libretto and hence there is no need of any western adaptation. “Even though we have taken inspiration from Kalidasa and Bhasa’s work, we have added a certain freshness to the oft-repeated theme. I am curious to see the reactions of the film industry and the audience to our adaptation,” he added.

Right this moment, Bandook is in the last part of post-production work and we do look ahead for an early declaration from the makers concerning its release date.

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