Bade Acche Lagte Hain: What’s next for Pooja aka Priya Kapoor?

On Thursday, October 4th, 2012


Who will get the custody of Pihu? Ram Kapoor or Priya Kapoor?

The mega serial on Zee TV is in a very stirring mood as a rarest controversy is impending between the two much-loved love birds Priya and Ram Kapoor and we have started to conjecture what’s next for Pooja aka Priya Kapoor, the alienated wife of Ram Kpoor in the serial! Just an off beam decision of Puja to keep herself away from Ram to let him proceed in life, has enforced her to pay heavy at the later stage and that’s what make us speculate, perhaps Priya is about to stay away from her dear beti Pihu for long five years, the which laudable period she had kept Ram away from his daughter.

What you think friends? Is Ram Kapoor apt on his decision? I sit fair to keep a daughter away from her mother for long 5 years? How can a mother like Priya who can’t live just a single minute devoid of Pihu will remain long five years without her? Gush! We just can’t imagine. But, thank God that Rajat Kapoor, the closest friend of Ram is ready to go against his friend to give Priya justice. But why! Only because he loves Priya or it’s for for humanity’s sake? Might it be anything! But, we can’t stay appreciating this attempt of Rajat. After all, he is the man who can only assist Priya in this dire state of affairs of her  against the most powerful and rich Ram Kapoor.

Well! It will be seen ahead who really is going to get the custody of Pihu in the coming days. On one side, there is a most powerful and influential papa and on the other side, there is a poor yet beloved mama. When Mr. Ram Kapoor has already threatened all those to leave the Kapoor Villa who supports Priya in this case, we hope no one will come a step ahead to help her and hence she has to fight for self. But we wonder, how long Mr. Kapoor is going to remain fuming like this with his beloved estranged, yet legal wife. Will he really do so for long five years? And what will be the reaction of Pihu, when she will come to know that she has to remain away from her mama for long five years? We just can’t guess anything. Can you anything guys?

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