The Bachchans send food for Rajesh Khanna’s wife everyday!

On Wednesday, July 25th, 2012


Food is sent from the Bachchan House for Dimple everyday!

Veteran actor Rajesh Khanna breathed his last, leaving numerous memories behind and everyone mourned his death in thousand words. The rituals even met their end, but what remains till date is the sympathy and assistance of the near and dear ones, for Kaka’s family. Yet they visit residence ‘Aashiward’ to ask for the well-being of the family and to support them in such intricate moments of theirs.

However, we came to hear that the Bachchans who are too close to Kaka’s family, his wife Dimple and their two daughters, Twinkle and Rinki are trying their level best to assists them in such trouble. They are even in news for sending food to Dimple at residence ‘Aashiward’ on a regular basis, for she has decided to stay there till the 13th day is over. The Hindu rituals do not permit the family of the dead to cook till the 13th day and hence this step is taken by the Bachchans.

Confirming this news, Big B himself wrote on his micro-blogging site, “The rituals are over. Food from our house has been sent to Dimple, his wife, at his house Aashirwad, where she plans to stay till the terahvein, the 13th day is over.” Keeping his views about the response of the crowd on the day of Kaka’s funeral, he further added, “The funeral of Rajesh Khanna was poignant and crowded  … the crowds were in throngs, with scant respect for the situation  … pity!!(sic).”

While many B-town celebs offered their sole reverence on the sad demise of the old hand actor, but the endeavors of Big B and his family on this arena is quite singular. We really appreciate this from the core of our heart.

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