Anurag Basu still a Student of Cinema!

On Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Anurag Basu

B-town director Anurag Basu claims to be a student of cinema til date!

The man is of well-fame in the industry as a first -rate director and script writer, yet feels that he is just a student of cinema! He too demands that he has long way to go. You might wonder who do we talk of! He is none other than the famous B-town director Anurag Basu, whose directorial directory is filled with many hit films like “Barfi”, “Murder” and “Metro”. Then what more he wants to learn about films?

Informing about his unawareness of all film tactics, the director revealed so on the sidelines of the 43rd International Film Festival  (IFF) in Goa. “My last few years have been busy because I was shooting so I couldn’t attend any film festival but this I am happy to be at IFFI. This platform brings us close to cinema as a filmmaker and it is good for our own personal growth. I come here as a student,” he said.

However, after reaching the festival the directors seemed bit disappointed, not because he couldn’t attend the festival for some years all together, but because he didn’t find some of his expected buddies in the event. “”I was very eager to come here because I thought I would meet a lot of colleagues as we are celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema but I am a little disappointed as not many of them are here,” he said. He even insisted that people sitting in Mumbai missing the function would have come there.

Well, being asked about the Oscar nomination of his last released movie ‘Barfi’, Basu said, “I will announce it as big achievement when it is nominated. It is just India’s nomination and I know so many things have been written about it but I think it doesn’t deserve so much of attention because it is just at an initial stage. I will keep my fingers crossed for Oscars.”

Hmm! We too keep our fingers crossed for the movie’s Oscar nomination Basu Sir. Hope, it will positively get nominated. Thanks a lot for making such a wonderful film.

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