Anjana Sukhani is upset with Ram Gopal Verma – But Why?

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Anjana Sukhani

Anjana Sukhani, the lead actress of “Department” seems to be much upset with director-producer Ram Gopal Verma for promoting item girl Nathalia Kaur in their impending film and neglecting her. It looks as if her time is going pretty wrong. Though she is bagged with plenty of regional films, but that paves not her way to dig up more hindi films. And when she was awfully happy having bagged Ram Gopal Verma’s very last enterprise ‘Department’, her director let her subdued.

If you might have taken a keen look on the promos of Department, you must have taken a note that the leading ladies of the film like Lakshmi Manchu, Anjana Sukhani and Madhu Shalini are nowhere to be seen and the item girl Nathalia Kaur has all way adorned the public eye. Even Ram Gopal Verma is heard to have offered her a royal snob during the promotions of their upcoming movie.

This unfair behavior of Ramu has made Anjana much upset and she is still under gloom for this reason. In a recent interview with her she said, “Honestly, yes, I am upset. I feel it is a little unfair. Actors are equally involved in the making of a film. If it is a failure, the actor is also considered a flop, and when a film is a hit, everybody is credited for the success. I am not saying that he is only promoting the item song. I say that every actor should get an equal share of being part of the publicity and promotion because they form an integral part of the film.”

And she is right! Every actor plays a vital role in the promotion of a film. It’s not clear actually why Ramu is giving so much priority on Nathalia. Perhaps, she is a bit fascinated towards her and this has always remained the funda of his film promotion. The same situation was witnessed during the promotion of his film “Company”, in which she had prioritized the item song ‘Khallas’ and its dancer Esha Koppikar  instead of the lead ladies Manisha Koirala and Antara Mali.

So Anjana, you must understand that this is the latest film promotion inclination by Ram Gopal Verma and he likes not a variation in his principles. So how he can make you a part of his upcoming promo!

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