Anil Kapoor has more Girlfriends than Boyfriends!

On Thursday, November 1st, 2012

anil kapoor

Anil Kapoor maintains more girlfriends than boy friends!

B-town star Anil Kapoor has always been in talks for his endowment to protect the girl child and their fortification and we have often seen him raising voice in favour of them. And one of his recent visits to the capital to support one such campaign saw him divulging some concealed truths of his personal life that let everybody stunned. In fact, he forgot not to mention that his life is too dominated by girls.

Talking to the reporters in the campaign he said, “My life is controlled by four women: my mom, my wife and my two daughters. Main apne dad aur bete ki baat se jyada inki baat sunta hoon. God has made females so unique that they deserve to be respected and worshipped.” And we think this’s why Mr. Kapoor loves the girl child so much!

While, this confession of Mr. Kapoor made everyone there understand the value of a girl child, on the other hand some secret truth of his life got revealed by him that made people go crazy. Do you know what he said? “I have more girlfriends than boyfriends,” he said. This made the whole audience create a huge noise. But, instantly he gave his words a different turn saying, “I don’t mean otherwise so don’t think otherwise.” That made us realize, perhaps he revealed the truth. ‘Coz, you know how much he is cordial a man among the women! Said right na?

Well, Mr. Kapoor has always been much defending for her daughter Sonam and prioritizing on the incidents of his daughter rejecting many film projects, he said, “It feels good when Sonam rejects any script because she doesn’t have a good role in it. I feel proud that she stands up for her herself. She is very clear in what kind of movies she wants to do. She has the courage to say ‘I’m not doing it because I don’t have a good role in it.’ Today, women dominated films, like Kahaani, Dirty Picture are doing really well.”

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