Amy Jackson & Prateik Babbar tied Knot!

On Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Pratiek and Amy together and tied knot?

‘Ekk Deewana Tha’ couple Amy Jackson & Prateik Babbar are order viagra no prescription in news of being wife and husband now. But to what extant the knot is true is

yet not revealed. It has been speculated since the release of their first film. Perhaps, it was a mare guess which the media hyped to grab attention only. However, after few weeks of Ekk Deewana Tha release, it was affirmed as a box office flop and what it is coming all the way that both of the artist have tied knot. We don’t say that, the proof is that recently they both tattooed their names on each other’s hand.

Moreover, few other proves are coming out of the sack that in recent times the registrar had visited the

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place where the marriage was registered and it was recorded to be Prateik’s Bandra residence. After querying, the sources confirmed that the registrar had gone to Mr. Babbar’s apartment on carter Road where the nuptials had to register. To justify the words we just told has another prove from Bollywood industry. The people around them are chatting about Amy and Prateik living-in together at the dwelling she had rented near Mount Mary Church. Sources also added, “On Saturday, I got the news of Prateik and Amy having got married the previous day.”

After confirming the buzz, their spokesperson denies the source’s claim. She stated bupropion that they have got tattooed on respective arms. And recently in an event when the photographers after seeing their tattoo asked about their relationship or so called marriage, Prateik replied they had tied knot, but swiftly added that he was kidding. I think Prateik is confusing us and

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apparently the spokesperson is also confused and saying they are not married though they are committed to each other. Anyways, Prateik is busy with his new projects and waiting for his forthcoming film that is going to release in June. He doesn’t want to have any strain on his and Amy’s relationship.

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