Amrita Rao learnt scooty for her upcoming flick!

On Monday, August 6th, 2012


Amrita Rao’s scooty tutorial.

The B-town actress Amrita Rao who is trying to give her hundred percent in her next movie, underwent a difficult situation while shooting for the movie. In fact, she had to ride a scooty with her co-star Arshad Warsi riding pillion in a scene. But, the task was not easy for her being she never knew how to ride a two-wheeler!

Finally, she had to learn the act of scooty riding, though was a bit hesitant initially. ‘Coz the scene was essential for the movie and couldn’t be overawed. She took just half an hour time to learn the act and it was too easy for her.

But, you might think how it could be an easy task for someone who has never ridden a two-wheeler ever before!  Hence, we must let you know one thing here that before the babe had learnt the act of riding a bicycle for the first time from Bollywood Baadsah Shah Rukh Khan and that only in a few minutes, at the sets of Main Hoon Naa and that skill ultimately made her recent task easier.

However, the gal had not forgotten the favor of King Khan and eventually expressed her gladness that the lessons learnt from Shah Rukh a long time before proved useful again!

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