Amir thinks Salman more popular than him!

On Saturday, August 11th, 2012


Amir knows nothing about Shah Rukh!

Who knows not, what’s brewing between the two reputed Khans of the B-town, Salman Khan and Amir Khan! Both have ever adorned the media page for having maintained a classy relationship, since times apart. Most of the times both are found admiring each other’s work and nature and no one ever gets tiring of hearing this too!

However, at hand we experienced one more bright instance of their intense rapport, where the married Khan went candid about the unmarried Khan. What we wanna say exactly; Amir being asked a question, who is the biggest Khan of the B-town according to him right these days, he told a leading daily that of course Salman is more popular than him but he knows not how to compare himself with Saha Rukh!

“I am not able to judge myself. I find it very difficult to do that. I think, at this point of time, Salman’s popularity is on a big high. I personally believe he is much more popular than I am. I am a fan of Salman Khan’s. I love watching his movies. I must tell you a secret. I do not know how to whistle. But whenever Salman organises a trial of his film for me; which he always does; I carry a plastic whistle with me and I bring the house down with my ceetis. I don’t know about Shah Rukh. I can’t compare us,” he said.

Ahem ahem, How it can be! He knows not Saharukh! Is it possible? We hope Mr. Perfectionist is too resolute to utter nothing about King Khan as……..we must not say why, ‘coz you know the cause better than us. Right?

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