What makes Amir take Tips from Night Patrolling Cops?

On Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

aamir khan

Aamir Khan in ‘Talaash’.

B-town actor Aamir Khan, best known as the ultimate Perfectionist in the B-town for divulging perfection in all his works was often seen talking to the night patrolling cops at the shooting sets of his upcoming flick Talaash. Then raises the question, what the hunk was discussing with the cops? Is anything personal? Not exactly! Fully professional. I mean, the superstar in fact was strengthening his root for his cop character Surjan Singh Shekhawat in the movie by taking tips from them.

You might wonder, what tips he must be taking from the night patrolling cops? Too easy! Being most shots of the movie are shot at night, hence story factor of the movie must be revolving around the duties and responsibilities of the night cops Shekhawat and that’s what made the actor gather tips from the night patrolling cops.

Confirms a source, “Almost all of the major scenes have been shot during the night. Since the shooting would take place after sunset, there would be cops on the sets. Aamir often chatted with them asking details about their work and enquiry about the places that they would visit often.” And this of course have been a major part of his movie schedules.

And talking about the importance of night in the movie, one more source added, “Night seems to be a key player in the film’s storyline. The idea of making this film had also stemmed from an incident involving cops that was witnessed by Zoya and Reema who then wrote this project.”

And that’s what shows the ultimate perfectionism of Aamir and we know he is best in his way. Any doubt?

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