Amir supports to punish the female foeticide culprits severe

On Thursday, July 12th, 2012


Amir supports the decision of Maharastra government.

The maiden episode of Amir Khan’s Satayameva Jayate highlighted the hypersensitive issue on female foeticide and was enthused with huge response across the country. Now, the state of Maharastra has asked for the central government’s consent to file a charge of murder against the culprits of female foeticide and Mr. Perfectionist is too happy with such decision of the government.

Amir considers it not at all right to determine the sex of a child and abort it and supports the decision of the Maharastra government on this issue. Keeping his views in favor of the state’s decision, Amir said, “I think female foeticide is a very serious issue. And if it continues the way it is, it will get worse. I am so happy that Maharashtra government is likely to propose this.”

Making the idea more germane, he further added, “I want to add here that abortion is legal and it should be. I am pro choice for women. But female foeticide, when we find out the sex and kill the girl child, should finish and very severe punishment should be given.”

Partiality for a male child has become so much treacherous that people even hesitate not to go for an abortion of the female child! The 2011 census reveals that most probably 10,00,000 girls are killed every year in the country. That’s why; the proportion between girls and boys has been reduced to 914 girls for every 1,000 boys.

Amir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate is about to end soon and Amir is much happy with the response and awareness that his show created among people. Apart from female foeticide, his show also brought up some other insightful social issues into the limelight and they are  the dowry system, malpractices in the medical profession and child sex abuse.

Keeping his views about the fruitfulness of his show, Amir said, “I am happy that people are connecting emotionally with the show. My team and I like that we have reached people’s hearts and have churned ideas. There are so many things which are hidden and they need to be brought out in the public light. These things need to be discussed so that they can be dealt with.”

It’s really appreciating to see Amir getting indulged with such noble activities and we wish him all success ahead too!

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