Amir shouts the help of Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger for ‘Dhoom 3’.

On Wednesday, June 6th, 2012


Amir Khan gets training from Tiger Shroff for "Dhoom 3"!

Tiger Shorff is too hesitant to speak out that he has taken the responsibility of Amir Sir to make him fit for his upcoming movie “Dhoom 3”. But, Mr. Perfectionist vacillates not to reveal the truth out. Rather, he is quite comfortable with the juvenile body builder and is on flow to re-erect his physique for his character in ‘Dhoom 3’.Fact behind the scene is that, Amir plays the role of a gym instructor in his forthcoming movie and hence he requires a quite perfect physique to give the appearance of a physical instructor. Hence, without any hesitation he called for the help of Jackie Shroff’s rough and tough son Tiger, though tiger is still a young lad before him.

“Since Aamir plays a gym instructor in Dhoom 3, it isn’t just a great physique that he needs to work on. He also needs to understand various physical-training techniques in the gym. Aditya Chopra and Aamir discussed the role. They both came to the conclusion that the character needs to look convincing in body and technique. Aamir needed a particular kind of physique to look convincing as a physical trainer. He also needed to learn the art and technique of physical training in the gym. This is where Aamir without hesitation sought the help of Tiger,” reported a source very close to the project.

Amir and Tiger are quite close for some two years now and even Amir has discussed with the young lad’s father to produce his (Tiger’s) launch film. At the outset, Tiger was much discomfited when Amir Sir shouted for his help to get familiar with the different Jim etiquettes. But, later he got agreed and the superstar and the star-son have so far consummated one long training session also.

A reluctant Tiger uttered about the bid of Amir, “Yes, he was kind enough to invite me for a workout with him. But what could I possibly offer Aamir Sir?”

Being asked about their workout sessions, he clarified, “We did some functional and core-related workouts. They were basically exercises that engage and recruit your abdominal muscles.”

Undoubtedly, Dhoom 3 is a considerable project for Amir as he is about to stand up to the expectations of many with this. Primarily John Abraham, next Hrithik Roshan and now Amir Khan; all are quite prominent in their way. Evidently, Amir is looking forward to leave an indelible mark in the minds of his fans and hence he seems so choosy his act of his.

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