Amir Khan’s son to make his Bollywood debut!

On Tuesday, July 17th, 2012


Junaid Khan to make his Bollywood debut!

One more name has been added to the list of the B-town star-kids, making their Bollywood debut and the fresh name is Junaid Khan, the 17 yr juvenile son of Mr. Perfectionist. We hope not to give you a full name of his because he still maintains his reputation of being the only perfectionist of the B-town.   But, his son Junaid will not make debut as an actor, rather as a supporting director.

Wow! A director and in such a tender age! Got shocked, right? We also had an equal response when got this news. But it’s a truth. He is all set to help out director Rajkumar Hirani in the production of his (Hirani’s) upcoming project, ‘Peekay’ that stars his father Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma. Hirani got so much biased with his sharp eye on film-making that he immediately gave him the golden opportunity to aid him in direction.

Anyhow, it was much difficult for Junaid to convince his father that he will not hamper his studies for this project and after that only he got consent from Amir to start work on the project. Talking about the impression of Amir on Junaid’s viewpoint, a source said, “Junaid has always been fascinated by the various aspects of filmmaking. He used to often accompany his father to the sets of his films. He always had a viewpoint. And Aamir was rather impressed with it.”

“What better way to begin his film career than assisting a director who has had a string of successful films – the Munna Bhai series and 3 Idiots,” the source added further.

Of course, it’s a blonde break for Junaid to prove himself. Before also we have seen Junaid attesting his efficiency after arranging a cricket celebrity match in his college amongst the physically challenged and the Bollywood celebrities to raise funds. This proves his aggressive eye-queue.

Yet here, we can see another perfectionist making way into the B-town. But, what you see guys?

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