Amir Khan knows not how to make a star entry!

On Friday, July 13th, 2012


Amir Khan does not know making a star entry.

Hey guys, can you guess anything from such statement of Mr. Perfectionist? Quite popular in the B-town for making everything perfect, Amir Khan speaks that he knows not how to make a star entry in an event! What the heck! It’s really hard to digest.

Much popular amongst the Bollywood lovers for his efficiency to give anything an apt shape, the hunk has managed well to make all his shows touch the heart of people. No matter it’s a fultu entertainment movie or a TV show with zero entertainment value, he manages it reach people and gather immense appreciation. Hence, it such statement of his made us shocked.

Recently, in an interview held at the periphery of popular TV channel Star World, Amir seemed much outspoken. During the interview, he told the host that he yet knows not how to make a star entry in an event though he has completed more than a couple of decades in the industry.

But he appreciated his friends Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shorff saying that he just get overwhelmed after seeing their star entry in any get-together or occasions. “When I look at Salman, Sanjay or for that matter Jackie walk in a party, I feel wow, this is a star entry,” he said.

He further added, because he is too shy is nature, hence he always becomes inept to formulate a star entry in an event and just creeps in. When he was told that King Khan also asserts bearing the same feel in his heart to make a star entry, he said, “Shahrukh does make an entry, but I guess he’s not shy.”

Lol! God knows when these two Khans will make a knot, but one thing is a must that Amir will never discard his knot with the third Khan (Salman Khan)!

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