Ali Zafar to Lead the Vettai Hindi Remake in Place of Sahid?

On Tuesday, May 8th, 2012


Jafar Ali to replace Sahid on Lead in the Hindi remake of Tamil Film 'Vettai.'

Just a day before we had a talk regarding the Sahid – Sonakshi – Ranbir controversy and also had heard how Sonakshi rejected the proposal to work with Sahid in the hindi remake of Tamil film ‘Vattai.’ Not a full day and one more sensational news is on board. Rumor is around that Ali Zafar, the Pakistani actor-singer-composer-lyricist who had originally to play the role of elder brother of Sahid Kapoor in the Vettai remake is going to replace him on lead!

Truth behind the scenes is that Sahid Kapoor gives not any confirmation concerning his act in the project and the film makers are no way ready to wait long for Sahid also as they are in a hurry. Hence, they have thought of a different trend. They have finally decided to replace Ali in the lead role devoid of waiting for a prolonged period for a confirmation from Sahid.

“Although he was earlier offered the brother’s character, Ali might step into Shahid’s role if the latter doesn’t commit to the film. After a point in time, they’ll move on without Shahid. And Ali is a good, dedicated and hard-working actor. He has also started working on his physique for the action sequences in the film. So there’s no reason why he can’t do that part,” revealed a source.

Still reason is not clear why Sahid ensured not anything about his role in the film. Reason can be anything. Before, he had approached Vettai Director Linguswamy to hire a good dialogue writer for the project as he was a bit hesitant about the previous dialog writer. And soon news came that Prasoon Joshi was hired to write the dialogues. That means the issue must have come to a halt! But seems it happened not so.

But Ali is a bit hazy to give any clarification on the theme, though he corroborates that he is doing an action film. He says, “Various talks are on, things are going on. I’d rather you wait for the official announcement.”

Everything is in fog and buzz is in on eve. The consequence is worth watching and we must see what Sahid really thinks of all this. But if the rumour comes true, then Sahid might suffer as he will be adorned with nothing in his hand. So, let’s wait and watch, what happens ahead!

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