Ajay’s Chest-Pumping is a Complete Entertainment for Yug!

On Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan’s chest-pumping in SOS is an entertainment pack for his son Yug.

You must not have forgotten, if seen, the chest-pumping move of B-town star Ajay Devgan in his upcoming flick ‘Son Of Sardaar’! Do you know how the idea of making this move came exactly into the mind of the actor? In fact, he had once done that move casually to entertain his son Yug. But, Yug went so fascinated with the move that Ajay was persuaded by his colleagues to add this scene to his upcoming home production film SOS, as a special sequence.

As reveal the reports, once Ajay decided to make his son Yug amused and hence did that chest-pumping move. And it amused Yug so much that he started laughing no bounds, every time he saw his father making the move. And being this act an artistic one, Ajay gave it perfection and even showed it to his colleagues on the sets of ‘Son Of Sardaar’. His friends too got escalated with this and they along with director Ashwini Dhir persuaded him to make it a scene in the movie as it fit the set-up of the sequence perfectly.

And then the move became an articulate scene in the movie and the cast and crew of SOS started boasting it before others. And specially, it turned a signature move for Ajay’s son Yug, as he bursts into laughter whenever sees it.

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