Aishwarya Rai Bachan is All Set to Attend Cannes.

On Thursday, May 10th, 2012


Aishwarya Rai is confirmed to walk on the red carpet at Cannes festival.

For pretty some moments buzz was around the B-town that Aishwarya Rai Bachan would not be attending the Cannes Festival this year due to her extra weight causes. But predictions came wrong and sources closer to Aish have confirmed that the Bachhan Bahu would be walking on the Red Capet this year too and not alone, but with her dear baby Aradhya. Wow! What fabulous moments those would be! Perhaps, the world would get an opportunity to have a first glimpse of the dearest daughter of the dear Mommy.   

Confirming the fact about Aishwarya’s appearance at the Cannes festival, a source revealed, “Yes, Aishwarya will be going to Cannes this year. We can’t confirm about Abhishek yet, but Aishwarya won’t travel without Aradhya for sure.” That means the tiny toddler will definitely be seen, but of course with a majestic appearance and in a royal atmosphere.

Aish has been attending Cannes for the last 10 years, representing herself as the brand ambassador of a cosmetic company L’Oreal and this year also repeating the same. Confirming about her arrival at Cannes the Corporate communications manager, Snehhal Chitneni of the cosmetic company said, “Yes, Aishwarya is slated to attend the festival and she has confirmed it too. In fact, this year the actor will have a bigger role to play as the brand ambassador.”

From other sources it is revealed that the world famous actress would be walking on the red carpet for two consecutive days, together with other international faces on behalf of the brand. But really, it is awesome to speculate how gracious would be the lady’s avatar this year with her new tot at Cannes!

So, let’s wait and watch the first appearance of the beauty queen with her brand new daughter!

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