Abhinav Kashyap to cast the whole Kapoor Family in his Next Flick!

On Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Kapoor Family

The entire Kapoor Family to share screen space together!

You have already been informed earlier that Abhinav Kashyap has finalized RK Junior (Ranbir Kapoor) for his upcoming next Besharam. But, we have come to hear from recent sources, if Kashyap is planning to cast the whole Kapoor family Ranbir, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor in the movie. If the news comes true, then we shall have an opportunity to watch the complete Kapoor family sharing screen space together. Isn’t it great?

We have been informed that Mr. Kashyap has already talked to Kappor Sr. (Rishi Kapoor) on the issue and has even narrated the script and his (Rishi Sr.’s) character part in the movie, before him. He is also reported to have liked the script and his role in the movie. Confirming the news, a source revealed, “He liked the story and his part in the film.” That means, Abhinav’s wish has already reached its first step. I mean, Mr. Kashyap was too ardent from the first to cast both the father and son in his movie, and now his wish seems to come true.

However, talks with Ranbir’s dear Mom Neetu is on process and she is expected to hear the script a bit by this week. And if she gives her consent, then everything will be finalized. But, reports say that casting Nituji in the movie was the later thought of Abhinav. “Abhinav thought of casting Neetuji in the movie later, after he was sure that the role was substantial enough to offer her,” said the source.

So, it’s to be seen now, if really Mr. Kashyap becomes able to make a casting coup with the Kapoor family or not! Keep connected to know the outcome.

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