Abhay Deol wishes Kalki Koechlin to be his wife!

On Thursday, June 7th, 2012


Abhay wants Kalki to be his wife!

Abhay Deol seems of taking much interest in the Shaghai actress these days and that’s why he hesitated not to candidly speak out his craving to get her as his wife. The incident ensued in the JNU Campus at New Delhi when a political debate was on evolution with the cast and the director for bringing people into mood for the movie. Sanghai is a political thriller and is getting released on June 8 (Friday).

While discussing with a throng of 200 students, Abhaya answered something really candid being solicited with a asinine query by one of the students. A student out of the troop audaciously asked, what is his notion about his co-star, Kalki Koechlin and you will simply get amazed after hearing his clear-cut answer.

He said, “Kalki is a great co-star to work with. Anurag is a lucky guy. I wish she was my wife.” The answer was ample to make the audience stunned and before the audience could react anything he added, “She has such beautiful hair and such fair and lovely skin… I wish I was more like her.”What the heck! How can he think so! And more importantly how can he be like her!

Just imagine Abhay with Kalki like hairs and what will be your response guys? Of course a bitter laugh and some same sort of atmosphere got created in the spot that jiffy. But, one thing could not get clarified that if that was a sense of humor that Mr Deol played or he said really something serious! Whatever, but one thing is obvious, Abhay seems to be too cozy with the company of Kalki lately.

Abhay and Kalki have already acted as co-stars in two movies “Dev D” and “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobar” before. Soon they are gonna share screen again in Dibakar Banerjee’s next “Sanghai”. And sources reveal that Abhay has always been pretty keen for the company of Kalki during the shoot of all his films with her and hence this remark can never be ignored as just a flick. But, what you think of this friendzz…?

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