Aamir Persuades Women to Raise Voice Against crime

On Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan inspires women to raise voice against crime committed against them.

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is a brand icon for the Indian youth and we have seen him bagging immense popularity, not only for his awesome acting, but for his diligent personality. As much people love him for his perfection in work, more than that adore him for augmenting and supporting the social values. We have many instances that sketch his endeavours to manipulate social injustice. And recently we got to know one more.

In a recent interrogation with the media, Aamir pleaded women not to endure the crime against them and inspired them to raise voice against injustice. “Women should not stay silent about the crimes being committed against them, rather they should raise a strong voice,” he said. Apart, Aamir supported the police saying that they can function better, if the leaders and administration don’t come their way.

Besides, the superstar also talked about the condition of Meerut with police officers who reported him that it happens due to the scarcity of policemen. What they said, there are only 1200o policemen in Meerut whereas the population there is around 23 lakhs. And comparing the condition of Mumabi with Meerut, Aaamir said that there has a lower crime rate in Mumbai, although it has just 55,000 policemen for huge inhabitants of over one crore.

Further addressing the citizens of the country, Aamir said, “If each one of us take care of our duties as responsible citizens, then crime can be reduced in the country.”  Aamir who is playing a police officer in his upcoming venture ‘Talaash’ is recently in the state and busy promoting his November 30 release.

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