Aamir Khan to Promote ‘Talaash’ in Lucknow!

On Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan to visit Lucknow!

It might seem bit shocking to you all when we say superstar Aamir Khan is about to promote his upcoming flick ‘Talaash’ in Lucknow, if you know why we say so! And for those who know not the cause, we would like to inform that it’s bit shocking ‘coz the actor for the first time is visiting Lucknow in his lifetime. While, the city has become a frequent visiting spot for the stars, isn’t it interesting to hear that Aamir is visiting the spot for the very first time?

However, Aamir finally is on plan to visit the place and promote his upcoming flick there. In fact, he is also much interested to visit the city as he has read a lot about the lushness of the city from history and he is basically interested to enjoy the beauty of the city at night.

Informing about Aamir’s intense excitement a source revealed, “Aamir seems to be very excited about his visit to the City of Nawabs. He has heard and read a lot about the places and cuisine of Lucknow. He wishes to visit some popular hangouts here, if time and security allow. He simply loves the whole culture and tradition of the place.”

All plans are set for the superstar’s visit to the spot and as per the reports, strict security will be maintained in the areas that Aamir is supposed to visit, basically at the interiors of the city that Aamir is enthused to visit. But, still it’s not confirmed, if Bebo who is in Lucknow right now and plays a major character in the movie, will join Aamir for the promotions or not. Stay connected to know the further development.

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