50 Crore earns Sajid’s Housefull 2, enough collection to slap on Critic’s face

On Saturday, April 14th, 2012

housefull 2 success bash 01

Sajid Khan manages to earn Rs. 50 Corer in 4th day of Housefull 2. He is very confident and knows what his audience need.

Housefull 2 has proved to be a super hit film and Sajid Khan,

the director of the film is jiving around with excitement because his film has earned enough to shut the mouth of critics. As we all know, Sajid Khan in person is fun

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making and does all sorts of caricature and we could see that in his films as well. Housefull was a hit film and hence he headed for Housefull 2. The film was full of juvenile gags and loads of actors and actress! The audiences could not stop themselves from laughing and holding their belly when they watched sajid’s film. In spite of hard critical views for Housefull 2, Sajid managed to collects Rs 50 crore at the box office in its 4 days of release. This was enough for Sajid to slap verbally to the critics.

“Harsh film reviews are a part and parcel of the job. At the end of the day, no one loves a particular film in its entirety. Whether it’s Titanic, The Godfather, Avatar or 3 Idiots’, a film is always the result of someone’s belief system. But I feel that everything boils down to how it fares at the box-office. Success at the box-office is a test whether a film has been accepted or not. I have always maintained that I don’t give a damn about critics. The collections are a big slap on their faces. For me, critics have zero value. I feel that only a person who buys a ticket to watch my film has the right to judge it: praise it or spit at it,” commented Sajid in an interview after the success of Housefull 2.

Now reviewers must reserve their criticism for Sajid Khan’s films at least, because they never know when Sajid’s films will spill the success beans at cialis online any moment! And we all know, Sajid never leaves any opportunity to throw his comments

to others.

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