1920 EVIL RETURNS trailer released: It’s Damn Dread!

On Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

1920 Evil Returns

1920 Evil Returns all set to hit the theaters this November.

At hand, got released trailer of the next installment of 2008 Vikram Bhatt directed horror movie 1920. And this time it seems, Mr. Bhatt has become more promising to take horror beyond infinity. We say so after taking a look on the trailer that really is horrific. The movie named as 1920 Evil Returns stars Hunted 3D actress Tia Bajpai and Bhatt’s close friend, Aftab Shivadasani in the lead. This time, we hope the movie will definitely make you scarier than the prequel.

While the movie is all set to hit the theatres on 2nd November, the trailer has created more stir among fans to watch it. Undoubtedly, the original version 1920 was a new stride in the horror world of Bollywood, as Mr. Bhatt had created it more horrified with its solitary outskirts and the fuming act of South star Ada. And in the sequel, she is been replaced by Tia, who did some best part in Hunted 3D and now is in turn to take horror to the next step by excelling the horrified movements of Ada. And she has also done it in fact.

While ugly look of the lead lady Tia shows her more potential part in the movie, she too repeats the actions that Ada did in the prequel, such as climbing the walls and hanging from ceilings. But, this time she goes a step ahead playing some more terrible aerial tricks like showing bloody teeth, crawling like an animal cross-ways a room and jumping on to people with severe rage. Apart, Mr. Bahtt has also tried his best to take the movie to the next horror level making her lead lady’s character that of a possessed woman and giving her digitally superior evil male voice and maniacal laughter.

The rest can better be perceived by you after having a watch of the trailer. So, let’s have a look on it!

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